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HEJ-2-400 extreme rapid high temperature & high pressure dyeing machine

HEJ extreme rapid high temperature & high pressure dyeing machine is designed to save energy, man power, chemicals, time and space. Suitable for woven or knitted fabrics: N100%, T100%, N+OP, T+OP, T/C, CVC, T/R, N/C, and N/T. Also micro fiber fabrics like TRICOT, poly-peach skin, micro suede and jacquard.

Patent design Side Flow guiding pipe
The new patent design Side Flow guiding pipe is vertically shorter compared to the traditional guiding pipe. Hence, lower nozzle pressure required to carry the fabric, good circulation speed. Also guiding pipe has more position change for fabric flow. This allows fabric to relax and softening, increasing the quality of dyeing. Effective result for curling fabrics.

Low liquor ratio, energy efficient design
Chamber is specially designed to reduce the water consumption when dyeing. Inner plate is patent design with special w-shaped corrugated floor. Fabric is flowing unhindered in its circulating cycle without need of large motor pump, saving electricity cost.

Low tension, high quality, fast dyeing system
With smooth fabric circulation and regulated fabric folding, the fabric is carried into the main reel at its lowest tension. The speed of the main reel can be controlled precisely, so the speed of the reel and the fabric is at a simultaneous pace, avoiding any usual flaws.

Unique w-shaped inner plate, high production capacity
Special designed w-shaped inner plate plus large chamber structure, allowing one single nozzle to dye up to two rope of fabric at one time (for fabric < 200g/yard). Greatly increase the production capacity (increase up to 40% and above) and reducing the cycle time required, achieving a very even color shade.

Central control system, automatic computer control
The machine is fully automatic controlled with advanced computer system. Design to have a precise dye feeding control, greatly enhance the dyeing success ratio and quality of dyeing. In conjunction with the central control system will provide better production system and management.

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