GOTEX now has the ability to supply the Egyptian market with the different types of textile machines such as circular knitting, flat knitting, crochet, warp knitting, raschel, socks, gloves, seamless, dyeing, finishing, printing, embroidery and quilting.

GOTEX is fully aware of the Egyptian customers needs from Hosiery needles, circular needles, transfer needles, flat needles, raschel needles, accessory and raschel accessory.

GOTEX always supply all machinery accessories including all types of belts, covering rolls, cylinders, sinkers and spare parts.

GOTEX trend is always to improve the quality of all services.


“GOTEX & GOTECH" can serve its customers in industrial field in the following areas
Electronic parts
Encoders, Relays, Control units, Power supplies.
Mechanical parts
Valves, Servo motors, special bearings.
Flow meters
Water, Gas, and chemicals.
measurement instruments
Test and measurement instruments.
guided cylinders
Compact guided cylinders.
sensors & transmitters
Vibration sensors level, Pressure and temperature transmitters.